Teeth Whitening

woman smiling HighRiseDo you hide your smile? You are not alone. Many people are concerned about the color of their teeth, and worry about smiling. Yet, smiling is one of the ways we communicate and show happiness.

Don’t hide your teeth any more! Come to HighRise Dental for a professional teeth whitening treatment. Your tooth color can improve quickly — and that will make you smile!

Why Do Teeth Get Darker?

Teeth get darker because the enamel, (the top layer of tooth material)  can take in and hold onto dark-colored molecules. These molecules, like those found in coffee, tea and red wine, can change the color of your teeth. The dentin, (the deeper layer of tooth), is actually yellow! So, the result of a discolored enamel over top of yellow dentin is darkening teeth!

We all know that some food and drinks are darker than others. With regular use, teeth will darken. Even simple aging can darken or yellow your teeth, darkening can almost always be reversed with a professional whitening.

How Can You Whiten Teeth?

We off tooth whitening and it takes about and hour in our office. The process is fairly simple:

Professional teeth whitening is not the same as over the counter store-bought kits. A professional treatment is even faster, and safer than anything bought over the counter.

Schedule Your Professional Whitening Session

Be confident your teeth will quickly get whiter and stay whiter longer with a professional whitening. Don’t hide your beautiful smile.

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