Dental Crowns & Bridges

When you have a cracked, decayed, or missing tooth, it can be painful! It can be frustrating. It can disrupt your eating, social life, and work activities.

With crowns and bridges, we can quickly restore the full function of a damaged tooth, along with making it look great again. A dental crown or bridge is like a brand new layer of enamel that surrounds and strengthens damaged teeth. These restorations are permanently cemented, so they look and feel just like normal healthy teeth.

Sometimes a badly damaged tooth just needs to be removed and replaced rather than repaired. We can replace a single missing tooth, or even several missing teeth, by securing a new, custom-made crown on top of a dental implant or by placing the replacement tooth in a bridge. Both are great solutions to filling in the big gap between teeth. Ask Dr. Perno about the best treatment for you! We will give you all the information that you need to feel great about your treatment options.

If you’re having trouble chewing, talking, or smiling—or if you’re in pain—schedule an appointment with Highrise Dental. Let’s find out if crowns and bridges will relieve your dental trouble.

What Is a Dental Crown? How Does It Help?

A custom-made dental crown is a new cap of protection for a damaged tooth. It covers the top and sides of a tooth, which can stabilize and calm a cracked tooth. A crown protects the tooth from infection and oral bacteria. You can chew with it just like it’s a new, young tooth again!

We use the most advanced crown materials for strong, esthetic, white crowns that look and feel natural.

We have joined the most advanced dental ceramics with predictable and proven techniques to create the best crowns available. Our process yields excellent results:

By using a proven, traditional system matched with modern ulta-hardened ceramics or zirconia, we provide superior crowns. When dental crowns are made by technicians who routinely produce high-quality crowns, you know your crown will be well-made! It will look and feel like a tooth. And it will last!

But What About Same-Day CAD/CAM Crowns?

A crown is a significant part of your life and your day-to-day routine. It needs to be perfect!! We respect that responsibility, and we won’t use unnecessary machines to dazzle you and save ourselves money. Yes, CAD/CAM is a neat technology but we have experienced consistently better results and happier patients using Dr. Perno proven technique. You deserve the BEST!

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a dental appliance that holds a custom-made crown in the space of a missing tooth. To replace a missing tooth, we create a customized crown which fills in the gap where the old tooth used to be. This replacement tooth is held in place by the natural teeth before and after the gap.

Your bridge will let you chew again. It will also seamlessly fill in the gap in your smile. You won’t need to hide your smile in pictures anymore. You don’t need to smile with your mouth closed! Finally, your new bridge can prevent your other teeth from crookedly shifting into the gap.

Make an Appointment at Highrise Dental for Crowns or Bridges

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