Same-Day Treatment… Don’t miss any more work than you have to!

We know you have a busy life. You’re juggling many responsibilities, so we are committed to offering same-day treatments whenever possible.

What does this mean? When we give you an examination and render a diagnosis, we do everything we can to treat the problem on the same day, while you’re still in our office. You’re busy, so let us save you another trip back into the office!

Dr. Perno grew up in this area of Arizona, and he knows the frustration of driving from appointment to appointment when life is so busy. We want to give our friends and neighbors convenience along with excellent dental care. Enjoy convenience with efficient appointments!

Which Dental Services Work with Same-Day Dentistry?

Same-day dentistry can apply to most of our standard services. This includes:

With digital x-rays and CBCT scans, we can quickly scan your teeth, jaw, and tissues to find any problems. Because of the speed of these advanced technologies, we have plenty of time left over for actual treatment.

Enjoy the Benefits of Immediate Treatment

We strive to make dentistry as convenient as possible for you. Same-day treatments can help with that when you:

Same-day treatment means that your dental issues are resolved quickly, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Just One More Reason to Select Highrise for Your Dental Needs

The convenience of same-day treatment is just one more way that Highrise is here to help you. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Perno and the team at Highrise Dental. We will make our dental services as convenient, comfortable, and quick as possible.