Children’s Dentistry

cosmetic dentist near meWe love to have children in our office. To meet the unique needs of our youngest patients, we encourage parents to bring their children into the office after their 2nd birthday. At this time, we will do a brief evaluation of the pediatric dentition – but most importantly, we will get your child comfortable in the office. Then we hope to see the young patient each each year.

At around their 5th birthday, we will evaluate your child for the first incoming permanent teeth. We want the child to feel comfortable in the office as possible and understand that this is a scary experience for many children. We work hard to make all children feel comfortable and safe.

Pediatric dentistry is a specialty and takes a special dentist and team. Children bring their own challenges to dental care. At HighRise Dental, we welcome all children as patients, and we take the time to explain the tools and the process of oral health. We genuinely enjoy teaching kids how to brush and to have a healthy smile. The extra time and effort is a true investment in our young patient’s health – the most important thing of all..

Contact us today if it has been 6 months or more since your child has visited the dentist, or if you have a child who is due for their first appointment.