Oral Surgery

No one “wants” oral surgery…. yet sometimes it is needed. Accidents and dental decay are just two reasons for dental surgery, but regardless of the why… we are here for you.

If a tooth simply needs to be extracted, we use our experience and teamwork to extract it quickly and painlessly. Contact HighRise Dental today if you have a damaged tooth, a tooth pain or a problem with wisdom teeth.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

There are a few usual reasons that oral surgery:

Oral surgery for extractions can relieve these problems before they progress too far. Simple and complex extractions can be performed at HighRise Dental.  Dental surgical partners are brought in for some more complex cases that may require general anesthesia instead of localized numbing.

If you are having an extraction, we can also discuss your options for tooth replacement.

Bone Grafting

When we’re preparing to place a dental implant, which is surgically implanted in the jaw bone, sometimes we find that a patient’s jaw bone doesn’t have enough healthy bone to hold the implant steady.

To promote a successful extraction or implant, a bone graft procedure may be required. In this procedure, bone material is added at the extraction site and/or implant site. This will reduce the shrinking of the jawbone and gums after surgery.

The bone graft procedure  can also promote a less painful and faster healing time and the graft will eventually be become you own native bone to hold the implant firmly in place. Once the jaw and implant is ready, it can permanently support dentures, a crown, or a bridge.

Make an Appointment Today for Oral Surgery

Although we prioritize saving your natural teeth, sometimes a tooth has to come out. We will make the procedure painless and efficient. We’ll help you recover and move forward with restored dental health.

Call HighRise Dental today for personalized, compassionate care. Let us relieve your pain as soon as we can.