Emergency Dentistry

Have you been in an accident that damaged or knocked out a tooth?

Perhaps you are experiencing unexplained dental pain.

Contact HighRise Dental right away with any of your emergency dentistry needs. We’ll schedule you for the soonest appointment possible.

Who Can Call For Emergency Dentistry?

We encourage our current patients to call us with dental emergencies. We are available to help anyone in and around Phoenix, even if you are not currently our patient. When you have a dental emergency, we’ll do what we can to get you in immediately. We are always here to help people in pain.

Prepare for Emergencies

Here are some ways that you and your loved ones can be prepared in case of a dental emergency.

Call HighRise Dental Right Now for Emergency Care

For severe tooth damage, a knocked-out tooth, or tooth pain, call HighRise Dental RIGHT AWAY! We always have time for you when you’re in pain.