Have you lost a few teeth? It can be frustrating at best and it can cause problems with eating and speaking. Worst of all, you don’t like smiling. Losing teeth can take a lot away from who you are.


Unfortunately, missing even a few teeth can change your facial features, causing it to look more sunken and  wrinkled. If you cannot chew, you digestion can be limited, and you may not get all the nutrition you need. Naturally, people with broken or missing teeth, look for softer, easier-to-chew foods. These foods can be higher in fat and calories and have less nutritional value. If you are missing teeth, it is difficult to eat a well-rounded diet of fruits, vegetables, and protein.

Do not worry. We have the solution at HighRise Dental we will replace your missing teeth with custom dentures. We will prepare your mouth for a complete replacement or just a single row of teeth.

Types of Dentures:

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