Root Canals are a common dental procedure, and when you have ongoing tooth pain, a root canal (also called endodontics) can be an amazing relief. A Root Canal treats the tissue inside of a hurting tooth.


Root Canals Fix the Pain!

The pain associated with a root canal is the pain from the abscess, deep decay, or a cavity. The “root canal” is the medical process which will make the pain go away! When the pain is relieved, normal activity can resume. Call us at HighRise Dental today to stop the pain!

What is the Process?

We use root canal treatments to relieve your pain, save your tooth, and protect your dental health. The treatment involves:

A root canal can save you from needing an extraction or tooth replacement. We’ll make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you.

Call to Relieve Your Pain Today

Remember, root canals are routine procedures for us! We can relieve your infection quickly and efficiently. Imagine the pain being over and your tooth back to normal!

Call HighRise Dental today to schedule your endodontic treatment. Save your tooth, and get back to your regular routine as soon as you can!