Permanent Dentures in Downtown Phoenix, AZ

At Highrise Dental, Dr. Dana Perno DDS and her team are experts in providing permanent dentures, serving the Downtown Phoenix, AZ area remotely. We understand the importance of a beautiful and functional smile and are dedicated to offering lasting solutions tailored to meet your needs. Although we are not physically located in Downtown Phoenix, we ensure that every patient receives personalized and effective dental care that significantly enhances their quality of life and smile.

What Are Permanent Dentures? Understanding the Basics

Permanent dentures, also known as fixed dentures or implant-supported dentures, are a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. Unlike traditional removable dentures, permanent dentures are anchored securely to dental implants. This provides better stability and a more natural feel, allowing you to enjoy daily activities like eating and speaking with confidence.

The Advantages of Permanent Dentures Over Removable Solutions

Permanent dentures offer numerous advantages over removable dentures:

Are You a Candidate for Permanent Dentures?

You may be a suitable candidate for permanent dentures if you have multiple missing teeth or currently wear removable dentures and seek a more stable solution. Key considerations include:

Dr. Perno will conduct a comprehensive examination to determine if permanent dentures are the best option for you.

The Process of Getting Permanent Dentures: An Overview

The journey to permanent dentures typically involves several stages:

  1. Initial Consultation: Dr. Perno will assess your oral health, take X-rays, and discuss your goals.
  2. Implant Placement: Titanium implants are surgically placed in your jawbone.
  3. Healing Period: Your bone integrates with the implants over several months.
  4. Abutment Placement: Connectors (abutments) are attached to the implants.
  5. Denture Fitting: Custom dentures are crafted and securely fixed to the abutments.

For more information or to start your journey towards a new smile, reach out to our team at Highrise Dental. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, even though we are not physically located in Downtown Phoenix.

Preparing for Permanent Dentures: What You Should Know

Proper preparation helps ensure a smooth experience when getting permanent dentures. Here are some steps you may need to take:

Caring for Your Permanent Dentures: Maintenance and Longevity

Maintaining your permanent dentures is crucial for their longevity. Here’s how to care for them:

With proper care, your permanent dentures can last many years.

Understanding the Costs and Financing Options for Permanent Dentures

The cost of permanent dentures varies based on the number of implants needed and the complexity of the procedure. At Highrise Dental, we believe in transparent pricing. During your consultation, Dr. Perno will provide a detailed estimate of the costs involved. Financing options are available to make this investment more manageable, allowing you to achieve a stable and long-lasting smile.

Choosing a Specialist for Permanent Dentures in Downtown Phoenix

Selecting the right dental specialist for permanent dentures is crucial for a successful outcome. Consider these tips:

With Dr. Perno’s extensive experience and patient-centered care, Highrise Dental is well-equipped to help you regain your smile.

Answering Common Questions About Permanent Dentures

Q: How long do permanent dentures last?
A: With proper care, permanent dentures can last 10-20 years or more. Regular dental visits are important for maintenance.

Q: Is the procedure for permanent dentures painful?
A: The procedure is minimally invasive, with anesthesia used to ensure comfort. Minor discomfort may occur after implant placement.

Q: Can I switch from removable dentures to permanent dentures?
A: Yes, many patients transition from removable to permanent dentures for improved stability and comfort.

Q: How many implants are required for permanent dentures?
A: This depends on your specific case, but typically 4-6 implants per arch are needed.

Q: What is the recovery time after implant placement?
A: Healing time varies, but it typically takes a few months for implants to integrate with the bone.

Start Your Journey Toward Permanent Dentures Today

If you’re ready for a stable and comfortable smile, contact Highrise Dental at 602-230-1161 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dana Perno DDS for permanent dentures in Downtown Phoenix. Let us help you achieve the smile you’ve been longing for!