Custom Mouthguard in Phoenix, AZ

Protect your teeth with perfectly fitted customizable mouthguards! At Highrise Dental, we proudly offer custom mouthguards, also known as occlusal guards. The removable appliances can be worn during sleep or sports to prevent damage to your smile. Prevention is always the best strategy to maintain healthy teeth and confident smiles.

What Is a Mouthguard?

Mouthguards are removable oral appliances that you wear over your natural teeth, protecting them while playing sports or during sleep. You will be able to talk and breathe easily while safeguarding your smile. Our goal is to prevent injury or damage to the teeth, gums, or jaw.

Sports Mouthguards – An Overview

Are you or a loved one involved in sports? People engaged in high-intensity or contact sports are prone to injuries. If you are an amateur or professional athlete, a sports mouthguard should be an essential component of your athletic gear. In the case of sports-related accidents, your sports mouthguard will cushion your mouth, lips, jaw, gums, and teeth. It will absorb the force of a sudden impact or an accidental blow to your face. It will also safeguard you from accidentally biting your tongue or soft tissues.

Night Guards – An Overview

Do you grind or clench your teeth in your sleep? Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can negatively affect your oral health. Some patients become aware of this condition when family members point it out or if signs of tooth wear are identified during a routine dental examination. Symptoms of bruxism include morning headaches, jaw and neck discomfort, worn teeth, and tooth sensitivity.

If you suffer from bruxism, your smile and oral health are at risk. The pressure placed on your teeth by chronic grinding or clenching can cause significant damage. We encourage you to wear a night guard to help absorb the grinding and clenching forces, safeguarding your oral health.

Are There Different Types of Mouthguards?

Several types of mouthguards can be purchased over the counter at your local drugstore or sporting goods store. Stock guards are pre-made and ready to wear. Even though they come in different sizes, they are usually bulky and uncomfortable. Boil and bite mouthguards may fit better than stock guards since you place them in hot water and mold them over your teeth. However, they may also be uncomfortable and don’t usually provide the needed protection. Dr. Perno and his team at Highrise Dental proudly offer custom mouthguards to provide you with the highest level of comfort and protection.

How Can a Custom-Fit Mouthguard Protect Your Smile?

We create custom-fit mouthguards from impressions of your teeth using advanced techniques and high-quality material. These superior oral appliances provide a perfect fit, superior comfort, and the highest level of protection. Dr. Perno will closely consider every subtle detail of your mouth while creating your custom mouthguard.

Custom Mouthguard Near Me in Phoenix, AZ

Your teeth are precious, and you should never risk damaging them. Call 602-230-1161 to schedule your appointment, or book one online today to learn more about safeguarding your smile. We will take exceptional care of you and create a one-of-a-kind, custom mouthguard to help you compete confidently or sleep comfortably! We look forward to caring for your smile’s unique needs.